Older Adults Day Program

The South Coast Private Older Adults Day Program is offered exclusively to patients over the age of 65-years who would benefit from outpatient support to manage their mental health. Patients can enrol into this Day Program by talking to a Psychiatrist who can write a referral to the Older Adults Day Program

Older Adults Day Program

This program is designed exclusively for our older patients aged 65 years and over. It offers support to patients experiencing a mood or anxiety disorder, who may also be going through changes in their lifestyle as a result of retirement, grief and loss, moving house and social isolation.

This program incorporates a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, exercise physiologists and art therapists to offer a varied program throughout the day. It runs for 12 weeks and patients may join the program at any time. Each session includes a one hour talk with our consultant psychogeriatrician Dr Abdul Burhan who offers education and psychiatric support to this group. All patients also enjoy a 45 minute gym session for light exercise and stretching under the careful supervision of our exercise physiologist as well as a one hour art class.

Topics include understanding depression, understanding anxiety, stress management, grief and loss, healthy communication, sleep hygiene, coping with aging and changes in memory.

All patients will need to be assessed by one of our psychiatrists prior to commencing this program. Please contact the Day Programs team on (02) 4286 6847 to discuss this further.

Older Adults Day Program Brochure

If you are interested in attending the Older Adults Day Program at South Coast Private, contact our Day Program Clinical Coordinator on (02) 4286 6847 TODAY.

Patients must be referred to a South Coast Private psychiatrist for an initial assessment on suitability for entry to any program at our facility.


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