Mood and Anxiety Program: Introduction to CBT

This program is a pre-requisite for all new patients to South Coast Private.

You realise you are not so different to others in the group. You also don’t feel so lonely and meet new people.”

Our Mood and Anxiety Day Program is led and facilitated by one of our experienced psychologists, skilled in working with each day patient individually within the group structure.  The psychologist will assess the needs of each patient and support them in their journey through this introductory program, before transitioning into one of our advanced day programs for Anxiety Management or Depression Management.

This introductory program provides patients with an education about the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy model by specifically identifying how thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact to perpetuate mood and anxiety disorders.  This program will support patients to begin to manage their symptoms through the practical application of techniques and skills.  In addition to CBT, this program also incorporates some techniques from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness.

Day Program


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