Our Day Programs

We are committed to driving excellence in the care and ongoing recovery of our patients through dedicated day patient and inpatient programs and advanced evidence-based practices. To participate in any of our accredited programs, contact our Clinical Programs Manager on (02) 4286 6847.

South Coast Private operates a series of day only patient programs designed to target a variety of presenting clinical needs. These programs are run by a multidisciplinary team of experienced and expert mental health professionals. Our programs use evidenced-based approaches based upon the National Guidelines and best practice.

All patients are assessed to determine which program suits their clinical needs; with outcome measures used to established baseline presentation, and progress through treatment.

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Day Only Programs

South Coast Private has developed a series of day only programs for patients who do not require overnight inpatient service. These programs are attended by former patients of the hospital, or those requiring clinical intervention within the community. At present, South Coast Private runs the following Day Programs.

Admission to Day Programs

To be admitted to one of our Day programs, patients will be assessed by a psychiatrist at our Wollongong Clinic.

If you are a new patient to the Wollongong Clinic, please obtain a referral from your treating General Practitioner and call the Wollongong Clinic to make an appointment. By informing the staff at the Wollongong Clinic that you require an initial assessment for Day Programs, our team will offer you a fast-tracked, bulk-billed appointment with one of our consulting psychiatrists. This initial assessment is important in assisting our treating team in determining which program will best suits our patient’s specific needs.

If you are a current patient of the Wollongong Clinic, please talk to your psychiatrist about a referral to day programs at your next appointment or contact our Day Programs Clinical Coordinator on (02) 4286 6847 to make an enquiry.

Costs & Coverage

Our day programs are covered by your private health insurance. We can arrange a health fund check on your behalf to determine your level of cover. Alternatively, if you are covered by Workers Compensation, Motor Accidents Authority, Department of Veterans Affairs or the Australian Defence Force, we can apply for approval on your behalf.

For more information about any of our Day Programs, please contact the Day Programs Clinical Coordinator directly on 02 4286 6847.

South Coast Private 2017 Day Programs Schedule

Mood and Anxiety: Introduction to CBT

This program is a pre-requisite for all new patients to South Coast Private.

It provides patients with an education about the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy model by specifically identifying how thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact to perpetuate mood and anxiety disorders.  This program will support patients to begin to manage their symptoms through the practical application of techniques and skills.  In addition to CBT, this program also incorporates some techniques from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness.

Our Mood and Anxiety Day Program is led and facilitated by one of our experienced psychologists, skilled in working with each day patient individually within the group structure.  The psychologist will assess the needs of each patient and support them in their journey through this introductory program, before transitioning into one of our advanced day programs for Anxiety Management or Depression Management.

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South Coast Private 2017 Mood & Anxiety Schedule

“You realise you are not so different to others in the group. You also don’t feel so lonely and meet new people.”

Depression Management Day Program

Depression affects how a person feels, behaves and thinks. It can be a debilitating mood disorder that affects people both emotionally and physically. Those who carry depression find it difficult to go about day-to-day activities and may also feel that they struggle to go about normal daily tasks and responsibilities.

Sufferers of depression also find it difficult to understand that anyone understands or cares. Feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness can be overwhelming and your emotions are out of control. It is important to understand that these feelings are real.

Our Depression Management Day Program will teach patients strategies for managing their symptoms of depression, by making specific changes to their thought patterns and behaviors. The program utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to support patients to identify how their negative thinking is perpetuating the cycle of depression and find new ways to take charge of their mental health and improve their quality of life.

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South Coast Private 2017 Depression Management Schedule

“The length of time was just right, content was informative and helpful. The facilitator was helpful and understands each persons needs to focus on.”

Anxiety Management Day Program

Anxiety is an emotion all humans experience. It can become debilitating if not kept in control, preventing you from engaging in activities, impacting on relationships, causing physical symptoms and impairing behaviours.

Anxiety is a fear of something bad happening or about to happen. When this fear is experienced, the body responds accordingly, preparing to cope with the actual or perceived dangerous situation, sensation or experience.

Our Anxiety Management program teaches patients the difference between real and perceived danger, and encourages patients to take control of their physiological responses by implementing strategies designed to help the body calm down when it feels threatened. By changing the way people think about danger, and modifying how people respond, we help our patients feel more in control of their anxiety.

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South Coast Private 2017 Anxiety Management Schedule

”Makes you more accepting of yourself when other people have issues too.”

“Thank you, I’ve learnt and achieved so much from the program that I couldn’t have done by myself. It may have been confronting and scary but it was worth it.”

Older Adults Day Program

This program is designed exclusively for our older patients aged 65 years and over. It offers support to patients experiencing a mood or anxiety disorder, who may also be going through changes in their lifestyle as a result of retirement, grief and loss, moving house and social isolation.

This program incorporates a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, exercise physiologists and art therapists to offer a varied program throughout the day. It runs for 12 weeks and patients may join the program at any time. Each session includes a one hour talk with our consultant psychogeriatrician Dr Abdul Burhan who offers education and psychiatric support to this group. All patients also enjoy a 45 minute gym session for light exercise and stretching under the careful supervision of our exercise physiologist as well as a one hour art class.

Topics include understanding depression, understanding anxiety, stress management, grief and loss, healthy communication, sleep hygiene, coping with aging and changes in memory.

All patients will need to be assessed by one of our psychiatrists prior to commencing this program. Please contact the Day Programs Clinical Coordinator on (02) 4286 6847 to discuss this further.

Older Adults Information Brochure

For more information about any of our Clinical Day Programs, please contact the Clinical Program Manager directly on 02 4286 6847


On 13 April 2017, Healthe Care Australia (“Healthe Care”), Australia’s third largest corporate private hospital operator and pan-Asian health care services group acquired Evolution Healthcare’s three Illawarra hospitals: Shellharbour Private Hospital, South Coast Private Hospital and Wollongong Day Surgery.

Healthe Care currently has:

  • 35 private hospitals (34 in Australia and one in New Zealand)
  • Approaching 7,000 staff
  • Near 2,500 hospital beds

While this website is updated to reflect Healthe Care guidelines, please access information regarding the hospital and its services as usual. For further information about Healthe Care and its 35-strong hospital network, please visit healthecare.com.au