Our commitment to patient care

Patients at South Coast Private have access to some of the most advanced treatments and evidence-based programs within Australian mental health. Our leading psychiatrists consult from private suites at the Wollongong Clinic on-site and treat patients on a one-to-one basis, privately and confidentially.

Delivering patient satisfaction

Inline with continuous patient feedback, consumer & carer input and evidence-based practice, South Coast Private’s advanced clinical programs have been enhanced and improved to deliver better patient outcomes. These improvements include broadening the programs offered, creating smaller groups to ensure each patient’s needs are met and teaming with some of the most experienced and committed psychologists and allied health professionals in the region. Our patient feedback scores continually rate over 95% in satisfaction.

A better patient experience

The collaboration between our leading psychiatrists, psychologists and allied healthcare professionals, working in harmony with our program managers and clinical teams is a commitment to provide each patient personal, confidential and dignified care in the treatment of specific mental health conditions. This creates a strong bond between patient and clinician and delivers a holistic approach to reach their personal goals in recovery.

“Overall, South Coast Private patient feedback continually rate their experience at the hospital higher than 95% in satisfaction and progress towards recovery”. 

From our patient’s perspective…