Our Values

We have set guiding principles for South Coast Private that are communicated in the form of our Vision, the mission for our hospital and the  core purpose of our organization. These statements are located in our hospital environment and they reflect the positive culture and commitment of our staff to providing a better experience for our patients and their carers.

We endeavor to increase awareness of the issues affecting the mental health of our patients and provide ongoing treatment and programs to support those suffering from mental health related illness and disorders as we strive to remove the stigma associated with mental health.

People above all else

Provide our employees, clients and stakeholders with leadership that is inspirational and encourages them to be the best they can be.

We listen, recognise and reward our people’s achievements.

Enjoyment through work/life balance

Our philosophy is based on the belief that work/life conflicts impact on employee satisfaction and enjoyment within the workplace.

We focus on providing employees with flexible work arrangements to enable them to participate in the workforce and fulfil their family and lifestyle commitments.

Professional Integrity

Provide a transparent environment where people are treated with dignity, respect and understanding.

We are open and honest in our dealings with fellow employees, our clients and stakeholders.

Optimism, creativity and initiative

We encourage vitality, enthusiasm and creativity from our employees, clients and stakeholders. We believe that diversity breeds a creative and optimistic environment.

Determination to succeed

Provide an environment where people are encouraged to think beyond the traditional boundaries and be the best they can be. We believe that empowering and supporting our people breeds success.


We are committed to working with our employees, clients and stakeholders to promote and advance the organisation in a professional manner.

  • People above all else
  • Balance work/life
  • Professional integrity
  • Optimism, creativity and initiative
  • Determination to succeed
  • Commitment



On 13 April 2017, Healthe Care Australia (“Healthe Care”), Australia’s third largest corporate private hospital operator and pan-Asian health care services group acquired Evolution Healthcare’s three Illawarra hospitals: Shellharbour Private Hospital, South Coast Private Hospital and Wollongong Day Surgery.

Healthe Care currently has:

  • 35 private hospitals (34 in Australia and one in New Zealand)
  • Approaching 7,000 staff
  • Near 2,500 hospital beds

While this website is updated to reflect Healthe Care guidelines, please access information regarding the hospital and its services as usual. For further information about Healthe Care and its 35-strong hospital network, please visit healthecare.com.au