Consumer & Carer

The Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network promotes effective advocacy acting as the voice for consumers, their families and those in the community affected by mental health. In sharing the experience of mental health problems, it addresses common issues and encourages people to seek help.

Information for Carers

Mental disorders can be related to a host of emotional, functional and social distresses and disruptions. Caring for loved ones who are experiencing these difficulties can be stressful in itself. It can also be fulfilling in your life and of those who come under your care. As a carers you will not need any specific qualifications or related training in mental health. Carers are generally ordinary people looking to make an extraordinary positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate going through a period of distress or turbulence – over a short or long term period of time.

At South Coast Private, carers are given complete support, guidance and involvement in the treatment programs undertaken by patients in their care. The role of carer – whether first time or fulltime – is a vital contribution to the ongoing welfare of our patients and our commitment to our carers is fundamental to the recovery of loved ones in your care.

There are a number of conditions a carer will face when it comes to care through recovery. Emotions play a major part in the state of mind and approach taken to providing high levels of care. Our program managers and trained staff are on hand to see our carers through the highs and lows that they face while providing necessary care to their loved ones who are suffering mental distress.

The support you provide as a carer is in the giving of emotional aid, providing coping mechanisms for loved ones suffering a mental health issue in your care, meals and housework, personal care, looking after finances, giving medicine or medical care, linguistic assistance to those in your care who are hearing impaired or for whom English is not their first language – this extends to reading information and filling in forms for someone who has literacy or concentration difficulties.

The requirements to be a carer is not defined by age, gender or credentials. The sole requirement is compassion. Compassion in the support you provide and an empathy for the circumstances under which the person receiving care is undergoing treatment.

Do you think you can provide care for a loved one coping with mental health issues?


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