Payment Process

Patients will be provided with an informed financial consent form with an estimate of expenses prior to admission. All charges are payable on admission. Self-insured patients are required to pay an initial deposit based on an estimated length of stay.

We will conduct an eligibility check with your health insurance provider. You may find that your health fund may not fully cover your stay and that an out of pocket balance may occur. We will advise you if any excess or co-payment applies to your cover.

The admissions officer will provide further information about this requirement as part of the admission process.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) members will need to have their admission approved before being admitted.

Workers Compensation patients will need to have their claims approved prior to admission.

There may be some costs that are incurred during a patient’s stay that are not covered by the health fund. These may include rental or purchase of items, drugs/pharmacy items and transport. These costs will be itemized for payment on discharge.

Visa, MasterCard and EFTPOS facilities are available onsite at the hospital.