Admission Process

Patients will be introduced to a clinical nurse to complete relevant clinical paperwork. The final step in the admission process is to meet with a psychiatrist who will review medical notes and conduct an assessment, then a personalised program will be developed based on specific goals towards recovery.

What to bring

Please remember to bring the following items with you:

  • Relevant medical documents
  • All current medications in their original containers, including insulin.
  • All medication will need to be declared upon admission, to be dispensed by nursing staff during your stay
  • Medicare and private health insurance card
  • Pension/Veterans’ Affairs details (if relevant)
  • Pharmaceutical entitlements card
  • Workers compensation/third party claims (if relevant)
  • Glasses/hearing aids, etc.
  • Clothing such as comfortable, casual clothing to wear during the day
  • Footwear is required to be worn at all times, and nightwear is only to be worn in your room
  • Toiletries
  • Reading material

At South Coast Private, our aim is to provide our patients, their carers and family members with access to comprehensive inpatient and day patient care, in premier hospital facilities with the utmost dignity and respect.