Admission Process

Patients will be introduced to a clinical nurse to complete relevant clinical paperwork. The final step in the admission process is to meet with a psychiatrist who will review medical notes and conduct an assessment, then a personalised program will be developed based on specific goals towards recovery.

On the day of admission, you will be greeted by one of our professional and supportive administration staff who will assist you in the completion of your admission paperwork. Once admitted, you will be shown around the hospital to familiarise yourself with the facilities and amenities we offer. You are welcome to ask any questions you may have at this stage or at any time during your stay with us.

You will be allocated a specialist nurse who will complete the relevant clinical paperwork. The final step in your admission process is to meet with a psychiatrist who will review your medical notes and conduct an assessment. Once your one-on-one consultation is complete, your personalised program will be developed based on your individual circumstances and needs.

Admission Steps

1) Contact

The first step of the inpatient admission process at South Coast Private is to contact the intake office. Contact can be made from you or your referring GP or Psychiatrist via the online admission tab on the webpage or by phone on 1800 250 000. A Private Health Insurance check will be conducted to check for your out of pocket cost.

2) Pre Assessment

After the intake office have received contact our staff will check your referral form. An assessment will be conducted to determine if South Coast Private Hospital can provide you the best possible care. If we are unsuitable we will provide you information on other providers who can offer the care you require.

3) Patient Contact

After the pre assessment is completed the patient will be contacted by the intake office to gather any additional information required.

4) Admission

When all details are confirmed you will receive an admission date and time. When you arrive at South Coast Private Hospital you will be greeted by the
reception staff who will assist you in your final steps of the admission process.

At South Coast Private, our aim is to provide our patients, their carers and family members with access to comprehensive inpatient and day patient care, in premier hospital facilities with the utmost dignity and respect.


On 13 April 2017, Healthe Care Australia (“Healthe Care”), Australia’s third largest corporate private hospital operator and pan-Asian health care services group acquired Evolution Healthcare’s three Illawarra hospitals: Shellharbour Private Hospital, South Coast Private Hospital and Wollongong Day Surgery.

Healthe Care currently has:

  • 35 private hospitals (34 in Australia and one in New Zealand)
  • Approaching 7,000 staff
  • Near 2,500 hospital beds

While this website is updated to reflect Healthe Care guidelines, please access information regarding the hospital and its services as usual. For further information about Healthe Care and its 35-strong hospital network, please visit